My antivirus warns me of the Android Cheats app?

Cheat Droid might be classified by some antivirus tools as dangerous. This is not unusual, it is not even wrong: The Android Cheats App is intended to change system files of apps, which actually can be dangerous. Use at your own risk!

Usually, apps that require root privileges are always considered as dangerous by antivirus apps. The reason for this is that root privileges are guaranteeing quite unlimited rights, which naturally also means that those apps can bypass the Android permission system.

As a user who thinks about using apps with root functionality, you should always take great care and read into the experiences of other users with those apps.

Only trust the official Cheat Droid download channels

You should also always take great care of the sources where you get those apps from! Don’t download them from third party sources, as they might be potentially harmful. Always use the official download channels!