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Download Cheat Droid only from here in order to prevent yourself from fakes and viruses.


Editing a Shared Preferences value using Cheat Droid

Root Only

Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform Android Cheats without a rooted device.

For Hackers & Developers

Perfect for debugging self-developed apps or finding security vulnerabilities!

Many File Formats

Comes with a Shared Preferences editor, a Text Editor and a SQLite Browser!

Export & Import

Revert and Restore Android Cheats!


  • Great Android cheating tool and editor. Very helpful editing tool, pretty simple to use. I have been editing and modding my games for over a couple years, and I found this one to be quite good. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Feeling quite sorry for the developer. Don't get fooled by the rating. Half of them still doesn't even understand the concept of rooting.
  • Works great. Perfectly use for rooted phones! Only works for offline games and not server-sided games! To all noobs gives 4-star or less rating.
  • Really wonderful. Great to be able to see what stuff is being saved by various apps.
  • The interface is so great, I had to write a review. I've used this Android Cheating app for years. Excellent reworking of the interface. Rarely do I agree when authors state that stability has improved; this author understates the robustness. Great job!

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