How do I root my Android phone?

Try the easiest and fastest Android Rooting Method now.

When you try to get the most out of your Android phone, rooting is almost always a necessity. In some sense it is comparable to jail-breaking an iPhone, providing you and your apps with extended admin rights.

Rooting your phone can vary from being very easy and straightforward to being very complicated. The easiest way to root almost every phone is by using Android Cheats’ exclusive partner OneClickRoot, who offers an easy to use one click rooting software for little money, working on many phone models and 24/7 support.

If you do not want to do that, you can of course always do your own research. Usually, you would search on Google for the specific rooting method for your specific Android device. A great source of material is e.g. the XDA Developers Forum, where you will find many cool tools specifically for your device.

5 Reasons for Rooting Your Android Device

There are many reasons why rooting your Android device can be helpful, even if you do not want to use our Android Cheats app. Below are the 5 most popular reasons for doing so:

  1. Get rid of bloatware: Having a rooted Android device allows you to uninstall apps that have been installed by the manufacturer. Such apps are often unwanted, unnecessary or even slowing down your device.
  2. Get rid of ads: Ads are important for independent Android developers to make some profit from their work, helping them to keep up their dedication for the projects. The free version of Cheat Droid will show ads, too. However, sometimes ads can be annoying or too obtrusive. With a rooted Android device, you will be able to banish all advertisement from your phone.
  3. Back up every app on your device: Google offers
  4. Improve battery life and speed: There are many battery saving apps for Android, such as Greenify. Providing them root access allows them to even further improve your battery life.
  5. Get access to custom ROMs: Now this is the most advanced thing you can get into. A custom ROM is a

Reason 5+1: Get Cheat Droid! 😉

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