What is root? Why do I need it for Android Cheats?

Basically, root access provides your Android smartphone with admin privileges (including editing system files). You are going to need a rooted phone for Cheat Droid.

No Root? No Android Cheats.

Cheat Droid is basically a more sophisticated file manager. What our Android Cheats App does is finding, listing and categorizing all relevant files that belong to a specific app.

Most of those files are protected by permission settings. You are going to need admin / root privileges in order to modify them. With a file manager, you will typically find most of the app-specific files under the path /data/data/[app.package.name] (Cheat Droid usually also takes ROM-specific exceptions into account).

Cheat Droid does not only show you all those files, but also provides you sophisticated editors for modifying Shared Preferences and SQLite Databases. It also allows you to create and restore backups of app files, as well as opening them with 3rd party editors.